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Victoria and Kecy Hill Spread Their Legs And Get Out Their Sex Toys

With us in VR today are the lovely Victoria and Kecy Hill. You remember them, the duo with the great bodies that love to play on camera and are not shy to just let go and enjoy themselves regardless of who is watching. We love having them with us as you can see, they both have the most beautiful tits. Victoria starts right off grabbing those huge tits of Kecy, and you can see how much she enjoys holding them in her hands. She squeezes them and caresses them and grabs them and holds those two most beautiful mounds of pleasure. Kecy returns the favor and licks and kisses Victoria’s nipples. She then reaches down and slides her hand between her legs and plays with her pussy. She loves to tease Victoria and make her wet. These two switch positions and Victoria gets behind Kecy and reaches around and grabs her tits as they both sit right in front of the VR camera for us so it is like being in the same room with these two lovers. Kecy gets excited and wants to go further so she pulls out a pink dildo, grabs Victoria’s legs and spreads them open real wide and starts massaging her pussy with the dildo. She lifts her legs up high and then turns on the dildo to vibrate and gets her pussy warmed up by sliding it up and down between her pussy lips. She really wants to fuck her with this dildo so she gets her real wet and makes sure her pussy is ready to receive a thick sex toy deep inside her pussy. She gets her legs spread wide now as she sits her up in front of the camera so we get the best view of her spread legs and pussy lips peeled back to let Kecy get in there with her sex toy. The whole afternoon is filled with these two going at it and showing us how they fuck each other as they both have sex toys they brought out to use on each other.