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Tour Around Her Perfect Body


Tour Around Her Perfect Body 1. Start by admiring her beautiful face, with its perfect features and glowing skin.

  1. Trace your fingers along her neck, down to her shoulders, and then let them run down her arms, feeling the softness of her skin.
  2. Follow the curves of her body, running your hands over her waist and hips.
  3. Plant kisses along her stomach, feeling the warmth of her body against yours.
  4. Move your hands down to her thighs, exploring the shape and texture of them.
  5. Glide your hands back up her legs, feeling the strength and power in her legs.
  6. Gently caress her buttocks, feeling the roundness and softness of them.
  7. Slide your hands up her back, feeling the smoothness of her skin.
  8. Let your fingers trace her spine, and then run up to her shoulders, feeling the curves of her body.
  9. Finally, hold her close and admire the perfection of her body.
Actors: Anya