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Her eyes burning a hole in your pants


Her eyes burning a hole in your pants
As a frequent guest at a local bar, you wrote a report to the bartender. It cheers you on with free stuff and points out suitable local singles every time you take a SIP of soap suds. Today, he caught a local shark, Emma, checking you out. “Flirt with her,” he says. “She’s definitely a DTF.” Well, my friend. Life consists only of chance encounters, and to miss such luck is like giving fate a slap in the face.

As you approach the table, you will feel her eyes burning a hole in your pants that hide your gender. She’s hot for you and basically standing in a puddle of her pussies. This will allow you to see her skirt and even put on a little show for you right here on the pool table. You soon discover that your cock is in her throat. Today is a really good day. Dive into miss Stapleton’s wet pussy and remind yourself why this is your local watering hole. The best XXX VR Sex

Actors: Emma Starletto