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15 Up-and-Coming Fuck Me Baby! Bloggers You Need to Watch


15 Up-and-Coming Fuck Me Baby! Bloggers You Need to Watch Since starting Fuck Me Baby! we’ve come across a lot of great blogs for, well, fucking. While our list is by no means comprehensive, these 15 up-and-comers are ones we think you’ll want to keep tabs on.

Boner Jams

Boner Jams isn’t necessarily a new blog, but their posts are recent and the content is pretty fucking great. The author, a Texas native, has some pretty great erotica on his blog, including “The Envelope Please,” which details some sexy texts between a guy and a girl.

Sex With a Stranger

Sex With a Stranger is a site that just launched. They primarily feature sexy stories, but they also post some great sex tips and guides. The guy who runs the site is actually pretty well-known in the BDSM community, so expect some heavy BDSM content.

Let Me Explain That

Let Me Explain That is an erotic art blog that features some pretty erotic art. If you’re looking for some erotic nudes and NSFW art, this blog should definitely be on your radar.

Hot Doggy Style

Hot Doggy Style is a blog dedicated to sexy stories and hot sex. The author, TJ, says, “My favorite type of story is the BDSM tale. I like being manhandled, spanked, made to submit and I also love being the one doing the dominating.”

The Erotic Mind

The Erotic Mind is a blog that celebrates eroticism and sexuality. It’s run by Alex, who is “an 18-year-old that lives in London, England. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, going to gigs and exhibitions, and, of course, having sex.”

Meet Sluts

Meet Sluts is a blog that’s run by a 27-year-old man from Virginia. He’s bisexual, into BDSM and is “into getting fucked really hard.” His blog is relatively new, but it’s already off to a great start.

Kinky Fun

Kinky Fun is a blog dedicated to sexual kinks and fetishes. They post a lot of great content, including erotic stories, sex tips and some hot bondage photos.

Sex and Sexuality

Sex and Sexuality is a blog that, as the name suggests, focuses on sexuality. It’s run by Andrew, who is “an independent researcher and blogger specializing in sexuality.” He posts

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